Friday August 19, 2022

Acute water shortage hits Sadiqabad

July 01, 2022

Rawalpindi: The residents of Street No. 2, Sadiqabad have been facing acute water shortage for the last 10 days, says a press release.

As a result, women and children have been starving for a drop of water in this hot summer. The residents have to wait in long queues to get water from a single tap at the corner of the street.

The tube-well, in front of Hira Clinic, which supplies water to the aforesaid street is far away from the street and the water does not reach as the level of the street is higher than other streets of the area.

However, only 100 feet away from the said street is another tube-well near Mohammadi Masjid. If the water pipe of this street is connected with the tube-well near Mohammadi Masjid, the water problem can be solved.

The people of the area have appealed to the authorities concerned to resolve this issue of basic necessity immediately.

The water supply from the dam should be rectified and the water supply to Street No. 2, Sadiqabad from the tube-well should also be ensured. The water supply from the dam which used to come in the affected street has not been coming for two weeks due to the closure of the pipe or any other technical fault.