Friday August 19, 2022

Price hike dulls Eidul Azha’s festivity

June 29, 2022

Islamabad: Visiting and buying a sacrificial animal from an animal market is a tradition, but the prices are not making Pindiites happy. The cattle market is in its early stage and it will start gaining momentum from July 1 when people receive their salaries.

Earlier, Coronavirus embarrassed the market; even now, cattle sellers anticipate not a good season with the emergence of new Coronavirus and extreme jump in cattle prices.

“The price of sacrificial animals is never fixed as it depends on supply, demand, and choice of the customers, but this year I am worried about getting the expected prices,” says Bilal Haider.

“The prices of sacrificial animals, especially of goats and sheep have increased significantly. I returned empty-handed from the cattle market because of excessive prices of the sacrificial animals,” says Saqib Ali.

“My visit to Bani Chowk, Jamia Masjid Road, Murree Road, Rawal Road, Adiala Road, Misrial Road, Ghazni Road, I J Principal Road, Satellite Town, and Pirwadai proved it,” adds Saqib.“Now, animal prices are quite high and beyond the reach of the common person. The majority of sacrificial animal sellers are demanding very high rates as there is no price regulatory mechanism introduced by the city government,” says Takreem Hussain.

“Sacrificial animal sellers say that the enormous increase in taxes and transportation costs has increased the price of large and small animals. The most affected by the high prices of sacrificial animals are people like me i.e. the salaried and low-income groups of the society,” adds Takreem.

“The increase in the prices of petroleum products and the devaluation of the rupee is said to be the reasons behind the price hike. The high prices are forcing potential customers to follow the wait-and-see policy to get an animal of their choice,” says Qasim Hasan.