Saturday August 20, 2022

Desperate times, tough measures

June 27, 2022

There is no doubt that we are a nation of self-centred, selfish people. We do not care about the problems being faced by the country as long as we are living a comfortable life. Case in point: The All Pakistan Malls Association (APMA) wants the government to reconsider its decision and not to close malls at 9pm. This decision was taken by the government to conserve electricity produced by power plants that run on imported fuel. This step is likely to help us save our foreign exchange reserves. It seems that the APMA doesn’t know that Pakistan LNG Ltd (PLL) has received only one bid against a tender it floated for four cargoes. This means that the country will see a shortage of LNG in the coming months, resulting in an increase in loadshedding. In such a scenario, APMA members should not show selfishness and think about what is good for the country. The nation should also pray for an end to the Ukraine-Russian war so that the war-induced inflation is tackled.

Hussain El-Edroos