Saturday August 20, 2022

Another setup

June 27, 2022

This refers to Imran Khan’s news conference that was held on June 21. Khan again emphasized the importance of rule of law and criticized the sitting government for amendments done in the NAB laws. The question is: why couldn’t the PTI implement rule of law in the country during its tenure? Also, why couldn’t it provide speedy justice to all? In its 75-year-long history, the country could not witness a selfless leadership who could give a boost to the economy through the use of indigenous resources.

It is true that Imran Khan was the last hope for the country, but the PTI wasted the nation’s precious time by indulging in a war of words with opponents instead of focusing on their people-friendly and pre-poll agenda. The current economic situation suggests that it is time we allowed technocrats to handle our economy and bring prosperity to the country.

Engr Asim Nawab