Monday July 04, 2022

Lumpy skin disease fast spreading in Bajaur

By Our Correspondent
May 25, 2022

KHAR: The people of Bajaur asked the government and authorities of the livestock department to take practical steps for controlling the lumpy skin disease in the district.

The residents of Bar Khalozo area in Mamond tehsil said that the fatal lumpy skin disease was fast spreading in cattle but the authorities were least bothered to take proper steps for vaccination.

They said that some officials visited the area and took blood samples of affected animals and administered vaccination but there was no proper arrangements to control the disease and save their precious livestock.

They appealed to the authorities concerned to initiate vaccination of their cattle against the disease or else it would spread to the entire Bajaur.

Meanwhile, Director Livestock Department Dr Ziauddin said that the available vaccines were being shifted to the affected area while teams of veterinary doctors had also been dispatched to Mamond tehsil for vaccination of cattle.

Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is a viral disease of cattle and water buffalo that causes relatively low mortality; however, the disease can result in animal welfare issues and significant production losses.

The disease is spread primarily by biting insects such as certain species of flies, mosquitoes and possibly ticks.