Sunday June 26, 2022

DMCs order ensuring facilities at heatstroke relief camps

By Our Correspondent
May 16, 2022

The East and Central district municipal corporations (DMC) have established various heatstroke relief camps in their jurisdictional areas.

DMC East Administrator Rahmatullah Sheikh said heatstroke camps had been organised at various locations in District East to protect citizens from heatstroke in the scorching summer. Arrangements, he said, had been made to provide immediate medical attention to those affected by heatstroke with water, soft drinks and glucose.

He asked the citizens to exercise caution when leaving their homes. He advised the public to only go outside in case of any need. “Citizens should try and stay in shady places for some time especially when they feel the heat.”

He directed that the camps be maintained as long as heatwaves were there and all necessary facilities be provided in the heatstroke relief camps. He said that if a patient with a heatstroke came to the camps, there should be prior arrangements to send him to a hospital if needed.

Sheikh appreciated the services of the relevant departments for setting up the heatstroke relief campus. Meanwhile, District Central Deputy Commissioner Taha Saleem, who also has the additional charge of the DMC Central administrator, visited various heatstroke relief camps in the district. All the rescue-related organisations, he said, had already been put on alert due to the warnings of heatwaves.