Thursday June 30, 2022

Ex-PTI leader says Imran trying to mislead Pakhtuns again

May 06, 2022

SWABI: A former local government representative who quit the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in protest has accused ousted prime minister Imran Khan of pushing Pakhtuns towards darkness due to the KP government's poor policies.

Talking to mediapersons, Muhammad Younas, a former Topi Tehsil naib nazim, said the former prime minister had utterly failed to fulfil his pledges made with the nation, especially Pakhtuns of the KP where the PTI has been in power since 2013.

According to PTI leaders Imran Khan is expected to visit the district on May 16 or 17 in connection with increasing pressure on the government for holding the next general elections and refusing to recognize the coalition government whom he has termed an 'imported government."

He appealed to the Pakhtuns not to attend Imran Khan’s public gathering in a Swabi and reject him accusing him of having snatched the two times meal from the people, closed the doors of the employment on them, pushed the prices of the commodities to a high position, destroyed the economy, strengthen the culture of corruption, and weakened all institutions, which are pillars of strengthening democracy in the country.

Younas LG representative appealed to the masses to stay away from Imran Khan's public meeting and don't support him, saying he had misled the nation in the past and was trying once again the same tricks.

He alleged that Asad Qaiser, a former speaker of the National Assembly allegedly employed all his relatives in the Speaker’s Secretariat in Islamabad, KP Assembly and various other departments in the country.

Younas alleged that Asad Qaiser had flagrantly violated the merit and thus jocked with the educated youth who were crying for jobs. He alleged that former governor of KP Shah Farman and provincial ministers had minted money and employed relatives in various departments at the cost of educated youth.