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SC ruling will come near election day: Rashid

Decision to hold the new election was taken after due deliberations, Sheikh Rashid

By News Desk
April 04, 2022
Former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed. -APP
Former interior minister Sheikh Rasheed. -APP

ISLAMABAD: After the drama in the National Assembly, former interior minister Sheikh Rashid claimed on Sunday that when the Supreme Court decision would be announced, the election days would be near, adding that Speaker’s ruling can’t be challenged in a court of law.

Talking to the media, Rashid said the decision to hold the new election was taken after due deliberations. Separately, in a statement, the former security czar of the country said that the general elections in the country would not be held via electronic voting machines (EVMs). He added that the opposition should be happy that the technology is not being used in the next general elections.

“I met the prime minister and I think Imran Khan will remain PM for 15 more days,” said Rashid, adding that he was constantly saying that elections were the right way forward. Earlier, speaking to Geo News outside the Parliament House, Rashid said the opposition cannot compete with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s support of 220 million people with 22 dissident members of the PTI.

He said that the opposition cannot compete with Imran Khan’s popularity. He warned the dissident members that when they will visit their constituencies, they will see the reaction of their voters who are the supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Imran Khan.

The Awami Muslim League chief further added that Imran Khan has become popular because of the opposition’s “stupidity and incompetence.” He said: “They [Opposition] will arrest Imran Khan if he comes out and if they do so, a new wave of protests will rise in the whole country.”