Saturday September 23, 2023

In the midst of chaos

January 29, 2022

This refers to the editorial ‘Accountability in trouble’ (January 26). It is the state that is in trouble, not merely accountability. From a holistic viewpoint, the state’s structure is shaking and its institutions are crumbling under the weight of its jungle law. The government is paralysed, and parliament is non-functional; the constitution is becoming irrelevant. That ‘might is right’ has become the new norm.

No institution is immune from the graft endemic. The latest political experiment has failed miserably. There is chaos in political, economic, social and moral values that has engulfed the entire nation and its institutions. The nation is gradually turning into a banana republic where power, wealth and influence are of key importance. There appears to be no silver lining on the horizon.

Erum A Baig