Monday May 16, 2022


January 23, 2022

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of problems in the country that have been unresolved for over seven decades now. At present, the most serious problem is poverty. In September 2021, a man killed himself and his three toddlers in Thar due to poverty. Not long before that a couple had poisoned their children for the same reason.

On the other hand, the prime minister insists that the country is prospering. People in the country have nothing except plans and dreams. If the country can’t flourish despite being replete with resources and minerals, one fears that it will never change, and people will continue taking their lives. Our leaders would do well to learn from China and the rate at which it has progressed. To make the country prosper, the incumbent government should be sincere, competent and willing to work with the opposition.

Muhammad Jan Jatoi