Monday May 16, 2022

Bad examples

January 21, 2022

This refers to the news report ‘Non-submission of assets details: ECP suspends membership of 150 MPs’. (January 18). Historically – and unfortunately – this is not unprecedented. What is significant, however, is the level of inattentiveness these public representatives have to a ‘mandatory’ condition to keep their membership active. When the lawmakers of this country behave in such a regrettable manner without the fear of any repercussions, the general population is, unsurprisingly, going to show the same negligence to any rules and regulations of the state.

It is unfortunate that what should be routine procedure ends up becoming counterproductive due to the hue and cry it creates. Rather than acting as role models, the country’s lawmakers prove to be the exact opposite. One thinks that the ECP should either fine or in some other way penalise those who have failed to submit their statements on time. Ordinarily, if one regularly fails to pay even a mere utility bill, his/her name is given to the credit bureau of the country and his/her credit ratings start to decline. This goes on till defaulters become more reliable.

Anas A Khan

Edmonton, Canada