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Dozens of encroachments removed in Central, South districts

January 20, 2022
Dozens of encroachments removed in Central, South districts

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) carried out a massive anti-encroachment operation in Central and South districts on Wednesday.

According to details shared by senior director anti-encroachment Bashir Siddiqui, the operation was carried out at Firdous Shopping Centre and its surroundings in Liaquatabad No. 10.

He said several grills, stairs, walls, sunshades illegally protruding out onto roads were demolished during the operation. Kiosks, tables, chairs and stoves of a number of tea stalls and restaurants, puncture shops, birds’ cages and pushcarts were all removed from the area, which made space on roads for vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

Senior KMC director Kamran Alvi supervised the operation. Police, Rangers and city wardens supported the anti-encroachment teams during the crackdown. In the District South’s Clifton Block 4, Siddiqui said, major encroachments were removed from the surroundings of a shopping mall and shopping centre. He said there were grills, stairs, walls and sunshades illegally sticking out onto roads, which were all removed. Several tables, chairs, stoves and gas cylinders were confiscated during the operation, he added.

KMC director South Mazhar Sheikh, deputy director Asif Jetha supervised the operation. The assistant commissioner of the area was also present during the operation, according to Siddiqui.