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NAB chief’s disclosure of wheat theft exposes Sindh govt: Asad

December 31, 2021
NAB chief’s disclosure of wheat theft exposes Sindh govt: Asad

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning Asad Umar said NAB’s chairman statement regarding wheat theft worth billions of rupees in Sindh has revealed the reality of Sindh government to the nation.

“The nation has seen the real reasons for lack of resources, from the fuss to the noise of inflation in Sindh. The money of the people of Sindh is being recovered from the accounts of vendors, their wheat is being recovered from rats,” Asad Umar charged in a statement Thursday.

He pointed out that both Sindh and Punjab are wheat producing provinces while flour in Punjab was cheaper than in Sindh. “The reason why the people of Sindh get expensive flour is because their ‘rats’ were busy disposing of wheat worth Rs20 billion. Wheat worth billions of rupees from Sindh government warehouses has not been offered to ‘rats’ for the first time. The difference is that first ‘rats’ were strong and accountability was weak,” Asad Umar said.

When Imran Khan came to power, he pointed out, it became possible for the NAB to pursue these unbridled rats and today, ‘rats’ are vomiting instead of digesting the wheat consumed from Sindh government warehouses.

He explained that Punjab Anti-Corruption Department recovered Rs220 billion stolen from the nation in 31 months of the PTI government. He added Imran Khan took over the government in 2018; the same NAB got back Rs484 billion from corrupt elements by 2020. “The destruction of the accountability system is still the top priority of the opposition parties, whereas the prime minister made no compromise with thieves yesterday and will never do so and God willing every corrupt person will be held accountable under strict laws,” he declared.