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Three-day Sindhi Culture Day family festival kicks off

December 04, 2021
Three-day Sindhi Culture Day family festival kicks off

A three-day family festival to celebrate Sindhi Culture Day kicked off at the Pakistan Maritime Museum on Friday. The festival is being held in collaboration with the Sindh Rangers and other organisations.

The festival’s organisers paid homage to nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan on the opening day. Pakistan Peoples Party Sindh President Nisar Khuhro said people should never forgot who paved the way for Dr Khan, who was on a mission to bring nuclear technology to Pakistan.

Khuhro said that those who have saved this country are all Sindhis. “We should celebrate Sindh with an open heart,” he added. He said Karachi is Sindhi’s gateway. “It is its capital. In this capital the Sindh Assembly had passed the Pakistan Resolution.”

It was this province and its people who made efforts to get Sindh its independence during the British rule, when it was part of the Bombay Presidency, he added. He also said the leaders of this land formulated a case and held various round-table conferences in Britain, following which the province was separated from the Bombay Presidency.

“Today we are thankful to those who fought for Sindh’s independence,” said Khuhro, adding that nations are recognised by its geography, language and religion. The residents of this province are aware of their cultural background, and they cherish it, he added.

As for the alphabets of the Sindhi language, he said that it has more alphabets than any other language. “The 5,000-year-old Moen Jo Daro also exists in Sindh.” He also said that even the Sindhi Ajrak and Topi are not something of yesterday, but they date back to the ancient times. The Sindhi Topi is a symbol of respect, and its purpose is to make sure that no one remains bareheaded, he added.

Khuhro said that in the ancient times of Sindh, when there were no cars, people used to ride on horses and bull carts. He said homes in different villages had small walls. Back then, those who used to enter villages used to make sure they did not enter on horse for the fear they might see inside someone’s house, he added.

“This proves the height of respect we give to people,” he said, adding that they celebrate all these aspects of the Sindhi culture. “We cherish our culture. We celebrate it.” He also said that by celebrating the Sindhi culture, the people of Pakistan can become one. “We are proud of our culture,” he said, adding that their pride is not against anyone.

Khuhro said they also hold pride in Sindh’s Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. He said Pakistan is a bouquet of four or five nations, adding that they get happy when Punjabis celebrate Bulleh Shah. Sindh Rangers Director General Major General Iftikhar Hassan Chaudhry, Karachi Administrator Barrister Murtaza Wahab and sports personalities will be part of the festival on the second day and third day, while comedians Moin Akhtar and Umer Sharif will be remembered on the final day.