Saturday January 22, 2022

Elite capture

December 02, 2021

In Pakistan, all circles have their own elite – be it the judiciary, media, politics or any other group. These people are highly influential in society and are responsible for most of the decision-making and policy implementation in the country. Over the decades, they have effectively manoeuvred the system to their advantage. However, the negative role of the elite capture of Pakistan is becoming conspicuous. They are totally oblivious to the problems of ordinary people. Our national issues also only surround high politics that has nothing to do with the everyday life of the working class. Instead, the poor are being exploited and are finding it increasingly difficult to make both ends meet. Astonishingly, no one is interested in highlighting these issues at the national level. It is high time that people – especially the elite – reflected on their behaviour, or it will be too late to control the situation.

A K Meo