Thursday January 20, 2022

Hygiene horrors

December 02, 2021

This is to bring the attention of the authorities to the problems of residents of Bhara Kahu, which is located around 17 kilometres from Islamabad. As the town has grown, waste produced has increased as well. There is no proper place assigned by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for disposing waste. Residents are compelled to dump the garbage along roadsides, on empty plots and in playgrounds.

As a result, land and air pollution have increased. People do not allow their children to go to parks for fear that they may catch diseases. The CDA should establish a proper garbage disposal system. Garbage collection bins should also be placed at across the town.

Abdullah Liaquat



This is to draw the attention of the authorities to the problem of sanitation in Rawalpindi. The situation is deteriorating by the day. Waste management workers are careless and irregular. Sometimes they don’t come for days. When they do, they collect only half of the garbage.

People are now burning garbage in a bid to get rid of it, but that is only creating more air pollution, which adversely affects people's health. Moreover, when it rains, roads and drains become choked. Stagnant water stays on roads for days. Given the prevalent threat of malaria and dengue, this is another great risk to people’s health. The Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi should take necessary actions to resolve the issue.

Seher Intikhab