Wednesday August 17, 2022

Encroachments galore in Pindi

November 28, 2021

Rawalpindi: There was a time when encroachment mafia was strictly checked in all major bazaars of the city but now this mafia apart from the markets is once again freely ruling the main roads of the city including Murree Road, Rawal Road, Double Road, Jhelum Road and Katchery Road.

The traffic jam on main arteries of the city has become a routine in all areas of the city only because of ever-increasing encroachments, thanks to Regulation Department of Municipal Corporation Rawalpindi (MCR) which is watching the whole drama with closed eyes. The Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of all Union Councils in ‘House Session’ expressed concerns against ever-increasing encroachments in city areas. Mayor Rawalpindi Sardar Naseem also showed concerns against ever-increasing encroachments, but practically they did nothing against the encroachment mafia.

Mayor Rawalpindi Sardar Naseem Khan told ‘The News’ that removing encroachments from all areas is his first agenda. “I have given task to Regulation Department to remove all kinds of encroachments from all areas,” he claimed. Raja Bazaar, Namak Mandi, Narnkari Bazaar, City Saddar Road, Fawara Chowk, Barra Market, Trunk Bazaar, Iqbal Road, Commercial Market, Sadiqabad, Muslim Town, Banni, Jamia Masjid Road, Lal Haveli Areas, Iqbal Road, Gangmandi areas remain in the grip of encroachments round the clock and there seems to be no end in sight.

The encroachment mafia has occupied almost 90 per cent area of roads here at Namak Mandi, Narnkari Bazaar and Dalgaran Bazaar in Raja Bazaar while over 50 per cent area of Iqbal Road, Trunk Bazaar and Ganjmandi Road has been occupied by the encroachers.

Similarly, illegal parking mafia is also a nuisance for the public as they have occupied all main roads and looting the public with both hands. The encroachment mafia has occupied both sides of Murree Road, Rawal Road, Double Road and Sixth Road. But, nobody was present to take action against them.