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Former Afghan govt forces join Daesh: reports

By News Desk
November 02, 2021
Former Afghan govt forces join Daesh: reports

KABUL: The Wall Street journal reported on Sunday that some security forces of the former Afghan government who feared for their personal safety had joined ISIS-K (Daesh).

The report said some of these former security forces were trained by US troops over the past two decades of the West’s mission in Afghanistan. “Some former members of Afghanistan’s US-trained intelligence service and elite military units-now abandoned by their American patrons and hunted by the Taliban- have enlisted in the only force currently challenging the country’s new rulers: Islamic State,” The Wall Street Journal said. In reaction to the report, the Ministry of Interior said that a general amnesty was announced by the Islamic Emirate and that no one including the former security forces should have any concern regarding their security.

“The Islamic Emirate announced general amnesty and no one including the former security forces should worry about their personal security because no member of the Islamic Emirate has anything to do with them,” said Sayed Khosti, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. Earlier, the two-day Moscow conference on October 20 and 21 called for incentivizing the security of Afghanistan’s borders, fearing the spread of extremism or the possible threat of Daesh. “This is a baseless report. Daesh is not as active as it is being said. The general amnesty should also be practical example to (show) that no one’s life is in danger,’ said, Aziz Maarij, a former diplomat.

Some said economic challenges and joblessness are also reasons that forced the former security forces to join the Daesh group. “The scenario of Iraq will repeat in Afghanistan,” said Asadullah Nadim, a military analyst.

“In Iraq also the security forces of the previous government made up a big part of Daesh and this all is happening due to the negligence of government.” The Islamic Emirate downplayed Daesh, calling it a slight problem and accusing the US of making propaganda of the Daesh activities in Afghanistan.