Sunday October 24, 2021

HBL extends ATM network to Finja

September 24, 2021

KARACHI: HBL has enabled the acceptance of Finja debit cards on its ATM network free of cost, a statement said.

This would enable holders of Finja debit cards free access to HBL’s extensive network of over 2,100 ATMs, the largest in the country.

The facility would enable Finja Debit Card holders to process self-service transactions such as cash withdrawals and fund transfers without any cost via HBL’s ATM network.

HBL Chief Operating Officer Sagheer Mufti said, “HBL has taken one more step towards customer convenience by leveraging its digital platforms. The partnership with Finja will extend our business model by providing access to HBL’s vast network.”

Finja CEO and Co-Founder Qasif Shahid said, “Collaboration between banks and fintechs is imperative to foster the digital ecosystem and platform-based business models. HBL through this partnership is clearly leading the way.”