Saturday October 23, 2021

Cricket calamity

September 20, 2021

That the New Zealand team left without playing even a single match is a setback to cricket and its fans. Pakistan’s government has denied the presence of any threat and has declared that it had made the best security arrangement for the tournament. The prime minister of Pakistan even phoned his counterpart in New Zealand in a bid to convince her to change her decision, but she refused.

There is no doubt that we have lost thousands of lives in the war on terror and that our security personnel have done well. However, despite all efforts, there is still a lot to do. The recent attacks in Dasu and Quetta prove that the TTP still poses a threat, and that India and its allies are still working against us. The government should work hard to address the problem and ensure that all citizens and foreigners are safe in Pakistan.

Shakir H Shamim



Pakistan’s hopes for more international visits from cricket teams were dashed to the ground when the New Zealand Cricket Board unilaterally cancelled the tour without any consultation with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials. The team was on its first tour to Pakistan after 18 years. This decision will have great repercussions for Pakistani cricket as other teams which were about to tour Pakistan will now rethink on their decision. This decision is surprising since other countries like South Africa and West Indies have visited Pakistan in recent years without any issues.

New Zealand should have discussed this issue with the PCB and the relevant authorities. Cancelling the whole tour unilaterally is a big blow to cricket fans around the globe.

Shahzad Panhwar