Sunday October 24, 2021

Woman among 16 protesters sent to jail

September 18, 2021

HARIPUR: Over 16 protesters, including a woman activist holding US nationality, were sent to Mardan jail for blocking the road, attacking policemen, suspending vehicular traffic during a protest in the Tarbela Dam area, police said on Friday.

The Haripur deputy commissioner also issued the arrest warrants for the leading activists under Section 3 MPO for their 30 days detention, official sources said.

As per the contents of the first information report (FIR) registered at the Ghazi Police Station on the complaint of Station House Officer Shafiqur Rehman, about 180 protesters drawn from different areas of the Ghazi tehsil were led by Irum Rasheed Tahirkheli, a US nationality holder and advocate for the rights of affected communities of Tarbela Dam project, led a protest against the WAPDA officials on Thursday morning.

During the protest, which lasted over eight hours, the protesters blocked the road near Tarbela barrage leading to the Swabi district and residential areas of Tarbela Dam, suspending traffic and movement of people on both sides.

The woman leader Irum Rasheed and her supporters, according to the FIR, also allegedly used abusive language against WAPDA officials, Chinese workers and the local police.

The woman leader and others, according to the FIR, allegedly attacked two policemen and tore up their uniforms when they attempted to stop them from creating a law and order situation.

The police, during the late evening operation, had resorted to baton charge for dispersing them and arrested over 20 of the protesters including Irum Rasheed.

The deputy commissioner used his powers and issued arrest warrants of those involved in the protest, under Section 3 MPO.

The Ghazi police booked over 16 leading protesters under sections 337 F1, 353, 506, 147, 149, and 341 of the Pakistan Penal Code. The arrested protesters were sent to Mardan jail for one month, police said.