Monday October 18, 2021

Alghoza learning classes

September 18, 2021

Islamabad:In order to promote cultural musical heritage and unique talent of the soil, National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (NIFTH) and Echo Records are going to organize classes of ‘Alghoza learning’ a paired woodwind instrument.

The NIFTH intended to transfer centuries old heritage and musical talent that holds global acclaim and recognition due to its peculiar nature to the next generation. Lok Virsa has started registration process for admissions in the course under Level Up initiative. The last date of registration is 30th September where people from all age cohorts males and females can partake in the musical instrument learning programme.

The finest 'Alghoza' player Akbar Khamiso Khan, son of late Khamiso Khan would instruct the participants during the classes of 'Alghoza.' Akbar Khan is one of the greatest 'Alghoza' players in the recorded history of music. He learned this instrument playing from his father Ustad Khamiso Khan. He performed 'Alghoza' at national and international level. 'Alghoza' is a paired woodwind instrument that is traditionally used by Sindhi, Baloch, Saraiki, and Punjabi folk musicians. It consists of two joined beak flutes, one for melody, the second for drone.