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India mourning shameful defeat in Afghanistan: Rashid

August 26, 2021
India mourning shameful defeat in Afghanistan: Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Wednesday said evacuation from Afghanistan and shutting up its consulates was an ample proof of depressed India’s shameful defeat there.

“India’s hue and cry on prevailing Afghanistan situation was natural outcome as they faced a shameful defeat there and the whole world was well aware of India’s such bemoaning condition,” the minister said while talking to media.

He said Afghans themselves were resolving their outstanding issues with consensus. “They had respected and implemented the demand of international world of general amnesty and opening of educational institutions.” He said they had also promised that the land of Afghanistan would not be allowed to be used by anyone against Pakistan, in any case.

He said India’s consulates in Afghanistan were working against Pakistan. They were involved in terrorism in Pakistan through Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and they were involved in making conspiracies against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he added.

Dispelling the impression, he made it clear that Pakistan was not involved in prevailing political situation in Afghanistan. He thanked Allah Almighty that there was no report of any massacre or bloodshed in Afghanistan as Afghans were handling their country’s matters in an impeccable way, he added.

He repeated the commitment of Prime Minister Imran Khan that Pakistan would not be allowed to use its land against Afghanistan and that TTP would not be given permission to operate against Pakistan from Afghanistan.

Sheikh Rashid said 1100 people had returned back to Afghanistan from Torkham border. “Our responsibility was just to assist them and help them reach border safely.” He said there was no burden of Afghan refugees on Pakistan, adding that Chaman border was opened for trade and as per past practice, routine movement remained continued and the business activities had increased upto 60 percent in last 15 days at Torkham and Chaman borders.

He added that long-lasting peace in Afghanistan was important for the region as well as for the international world. He said Pakistan would continue playing its role in maintaining peace in Afghanistan and for a stable government. The minister said peace in Afghanistan was a must for peace in Pakistan and in the entire region, adding, Pakistan was always in the favour of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

He said China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project would not become a target of any external conspiracy. He added, “No one can become a hurdle in the relations between Pakistan and China.” He assured that the government would take further measures to ensure security to Chinese nationals working in Pakistan. Sheikh Rashid said foolproof security would be ensured to all major and small Chinese companies functioning in Pakistan.

The interior minister said a facilitation center had been established at the Ministry of Interior to facilitate those coming from Afghanistan. He said security forces were on high alert to avert any terrorist activity against Pakistan from any part of the country especially from Balochistan.