Friday September 17, 2021

Delta-plus more transmissible than original variant

August 05, 2021

ISLAMABAD: South Korea’s Disease Control and Prevention Agency said Tuesday that it had recorded at least two cases of the new coronavirus delta-plus variant, which some experts believe to be more transmissible than the original delta variant that was first detected in India and has since thwarted plans for returning to life before the pandemic.

But what do we know about “delta plus,” yet another new variant causing alarm among governments and health officials? First identified in Europe in March, the variant is also known as B. 1.617.2.1 or AY.1.

It has been detected in several countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States and India, international media reported.

Last month, experts in India labelled the variant one of concern and warned that it appeared to be more transmissible than most. Citing studies, the country’s health ministry said that the variant has the ability to bind more easily to lung cells and could be resistant to therapies used to treat the infection. Science and technology minister Jitendra Singh announced Friday that up to 70 cases of the delta-plus variant were detected in genome sequencing as of July 23. How India has weathered the devastation of the delta variant and how it has named the delta-plus variant as one of concern should place public health leaders on notice, said James EK Hildreth, president and chief executive of Meharry Medical College.