Tuesday September 21, 2021

No income

August 04, 2021

In order to control the disastrous spread of the lethal coronavirus, the government has imposed a strict lockdown in different cities and has instructed people to stay at their homes. For many people, the doors of regular income have been closed for an unidentified period. On the one hand, people have no source of income. On the other hand, prices of essential items are touching the sky. Many students live in rented houses/rooms in big cities where they have access to high-quality education. These students normally take up part-time jobs to meet their expenses. However, because of Covid lockdowns, they are unable to earn some money every month and meet their expenses. In these difficult times, it has become a challenge for students to live their lives in a comfortable manner.

The government needs to do something against rising inflation and create job opportunities for students so that they can meet their expenses comfortably.

Asif Khan