Thursday August 18, 2022

Two killed in name of honour

By Our Correspondent
August 03, 2021

MANSEHRA: An Elite Force member and a young girl were killed allegedly in the name of honour in the Jalkot area of Upper Kohistan, the other day.Abdul Samad suspected his daughters had illicit relations with one Qasim Khan, a member of Elite Force and killed the former with the help of his family members.

Subsequently, he and his sons allegedly rushed to the house of Qasim Khan and fired at him leaving him dead on the spot and managed to flee.

An official in Upper Kohistan told reporters that the duo was killed on July 27, when Qasim Khan, the Elite force member posted in Mansehra, had gone to his native Jalkot village on Eid ul Azha holidays to mark the festivity along with his family. “When he didn’t rejoin his duty, the killing report was received,” he said.According to sources both victims were buried without meeting any legal formalities.