Tuesday September 21, 2021

Rise above politics

August 03, 2021

As soon as the PPP-led Sindh government announced a lockdown in the province, the opposition parties started criticising it. One of the opposition parties was of the opinion that it successfully contained the spread of the virus through smart lockdowns. In reality – and this is being said without any political bias – there’s no such thing called ‘smart lockdowns’. Yes, there were barriers at different places, and some policemen were deployed in residential areas where the rate of Covid-19 cases was high; however, no one followed SOPs. Shopkeepers had masks resting on their chins. Some people didn’t wear masks. Unfortunately, our nation doesn’t follow rules until the authorities take strict measures.

It seems a bit strange to oppose the PPP’s decision. In May, when there was a rise in Covid-19 cases in Lahore, the Punjab government imposed a complete lockdown in the city. Also, when at least 11 districts of KP showed a positivity rate of more than 20 percent, those districts went under a strict lockdown. There is no doubt that if the number of coronavirus cases increase to dangerous levels in PTI-governed areas, the higher authorities will call for a lockdown. Then, there won’t be any debates on whether this step will lead to slow economic growth. Both the federal and Sindh governments need to rise above politics and think about the betterment and welfare of the people of Pakistan. Elections are still far away; nobody knows what will happen. It is not wise to play with the lives of naive people. It is true that so far, we have been lucky in our fight against the coronavirus pandemic. However, our carelessness may prove to be deadly.

Malik ul Quddoos



The Centre and the Sindh government have locked horns over the complete lockdown imposed in Sindh to limit the spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19. The federal government’s argument makes sense. Ever since the country witnessed the virus outbreak, the government used every forum to create awareness among people about the dangers of the virus.

The most effective way to protect oneself against the virus is vaccination. So far, around 30 million people have received their vaccine doses (including single doses). A lockdown is not an effective strategy, and it will only add to the miseries of people. The government should speed up the vaccination process and ensure that all people are following SOPs.

Engr Asim Nawab