Sunday October 17, 2021

Malik proposes bloc to bring stabilisation in Afghanistan

August 02, 2021

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister and Chairman Institute of Research and Reforms (IRR) Senator Abdul Rehman Malik suggested formation of a bloc of China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to bring stabilisation in Afghanistan, boost the economy via trilateral trade and ensure regional peace.

“Pakistan, Afghanistan and China bloc coupled with RCD solution of peace in Afghanistan and this idea might not be liked by the West but these three countries may like to bring RCD countries on board in this bloc,” he said while talking to The News on Sunday.

Rehman Malik said that Pakistan has a great geographical location and has been assisting its neighbours and other friendly countries and contributing towards regional peace.

He said that the Afghan war brought misery, not only to itself but devastations to Pakistan and left long-lasting effects on our society and growth. He said that instability in Afghanistan is affecting Pakistan and Afghanistan adversely and needs to be rectified for the sake of prosperity of this region. “I feel that there is room to create a powerful torque and potential for working together in the peace process of Afghanistan.”

He said that Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China have the huge potential to work in various fields of common interest and emerge as very strong political and economic forces with their God-gifted natural resources.

He said that the Afghan conflict has been used by the West as a tool to keep this part of the world under pressure and to destabilise the region.

He suggested that three countries may sign a tripartite MoU to work together and they all have potential in mineral, agriculture, and other fields of mutual benefit and have a natural alliance and connectivity in the form of roads and other links.

He said that CPEC can bring a great revolution in the development of Afghanistan as China and Pakistan together can play a role in reconstructing Afghanistan.

He said that the three countries must sign an MoU to spread a railway line from Beijing to Afghanistan via Pakistan and these three great nations can have a quantitative economic, business, and cultural bond in the larger interest of Afghanistan and co-signatories.

He said that he firmly believes that the troika of China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan will not only ensure stability, progress, and development but will also eliminate terrorists and the misuse of Afghan soil by India.