Thursday September 23, 2021

LRC reduces number of races to lift standard of racing

August 01, 2021

LAHORE: There are two featured races in a card of five scheduled for the 8th day summer meeting of the Lahore Race Club (LRC) on Sunday (today).

This time the stewards kept the race acceptances to five in order to lift the standard of racing. All the five races have a line-up of seven horses.

The day and night activity will start with The Apprentice Boys Cup which will be followed by two Kashmir plates and then the August Cup and finally the third plate race.

The Apprentice Boys Cup has been kept at 800 metres distance. This class VII and division V race has Merchant of Venus as the favourite for win and for places Magical City and Gold. The others in the run are Sky Dancer, Sultan Jahaniya, Hidden Prince and Slightly Dangerous.

The second race is the Kashmir Plate, which is of class VII and division-IV. From among seven entries Jan-e-Fida is the favourite and Statue of Liberty and Wahab Choice for places. The remaining in the run are Trick or Treat, Natalia, Mehrban and Piyari Guria.

The third plate race which is of class VII and division-III and IV has Sitara Princess as the favourite and for places Qamar Choice and Jalpana Prince. The field also includes Faizi Choice, Taha Princess, Safdar Princess and Owais-e-Bhakkar.

The fourth race is the August Cup and is of 1100 metres distance. In this class VIL and division I race, Believe Me is the favourite for win and Remember Me and Amazing Runner for places. The others in the race are Exceptional One, Galactic Song and Missing My Love.

The fifth race is of class VII and division I&II. Here the favourite is Welldone Pakistan and for places Lorenzo and Raining Fairy. The remaining are Madhuri Dixit, Danzora, Fortuner and Jee Aya Nu.