Monday December 06, 2021

After Eid barbeque parties take over twin cities

July 25, 2021

Islamabad : The trend of arranging barbecue parties after Eidul Azha has apparently increased over the past few years, where relatives and friends are invited to have fun and enjoy delicious cuisines prepared from sacrificial meat. After performing the ritual of sacrificing animals, most people thought of putting up a barbeque, not only inside their houses and on their rooftops but at various picnic spots with grills and the required paraphernalia.

A resident of Sector G-6, Murtaza Fazal said, “Family and friends like to gather around to eat delicious food and what’s a better way to do it than hosting a barbecue party outdoors. Adding, he said, people do not like traditional dishes like Qorma, Biryani, Pulao etc. on Eid.

“Barbecue is the best way to eat sacrificial meat and enjoy the festivity with our near and dear ones. Eid ul Azha is always fun-filled as all my cousins gather at our rooftop and we enjoy a barbecue party and meat dishes at night,” he added.

Another resident of Rawalpindi Rizwan Ahmed said, “As barbeque the most favourite among all irrespective young, old, or a kid, everyone prefers hot and spicy food during pleasant weather after rains".

Although the coronavirus cases are on the rise for the second year running, this Eid, not only families but groups of boys descended on recreational sites with packs of marinated meat to barbeque.

Bushra Irum, who was visiting Daman-e-Koh with her family, said that it was the perfect spot to enjoy barbeque parties with one's family. She added that the tiny droplets of rain made it more special.

The second major festival for Muslims comes with delicious dishes of meat for food lovers, and almost every family arranges parties with mouth-watering recipes.

A youngster, Farooq Suleman, said that during the Eid holidays, family and friends like to gather around to eat delicious food, and what's better than to do it while hosting a barbecue party outdoors. For 19-year-old Mansoor Ubaid, a resident of Muslim Town such parties provide them with an opportunity to enjoy Eid with loved-ones and to try to taste different types of dishes made of sacrificial meat.

“Eid holidays along with the pleasant weather have added a charm to Eid festivities as I can enjoy delicious meat dishes with my family and friends,” he said.

"After smelling the aroma of barbecue, I just cannot stop myself from eating meat dishes on Eid. I have a great time when all my family members, relatives, and friends enjoy food and gossip on Eid," said Ayesha Umer, a resident of Dhoke Paracha as she enjoyed a barbecue party.

Ikram Sheikh, who was buying knives from a blacksmith, said, "People do not like traditional dishes like korma, biryani, or pulao on Eid. Barbecue is the best way to eat sacrificial meat and enjoy the festivity with our near and dear ones."

He added that it also gives him a chance to practice his meat trimming skills. "I can cut meat with these choppers so that they can be easily grilled," he said.

Komal Zaib, a 40-year-old housewife said that every year she is faced with the same dilemma on Eid ul Azha.