Thursday December 02, 2021

Walks held on Int’l Day against Drug Abuse

June 27, 2021

PESHAWAR: Walks were organised across the provincial capital on Saturday to raise awareness among the public about the harms of drugs, especially ice.

Capital City Police Officer Abbas Ahsan led a walk against ice (meth) and other drugs from the Peshawar Press Club.

The CCPO asked the public to help police in their

campaign against the drug dealers in the city and the province. The Capital City Police Officer said the elders, politicians and parents should raise awareness among their people and children regarding the harms of ice and other drugs.

The Capital City Police Officer said the police have recovered 117kg ice, 139kg heroin and 1900kg hashish during a crackdown against drug dealers. The official said that over 6800 drug dealers have been arrested during the drive.

Walks were also arranged across the provincial capital where the police officers, local elders, politicians and public representatives asked the public to identify and report the drug dealers in their area to the police and save their kids from this menace.