Thursday June 30, 2022

Rs560 billion allocated for ADP

June 15, 2021

LAHORE:The Punjab government has allocated Rs560 billion for the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the fiscal year 2021-22, out of which Rs 189.228 billion have been specified for the development of South Punjab, which is 35 percent of the total ADP budget. The foreign aid of Rs 81.92 billion has been included in the total amount specified for the ADP 21-22.

As many as Rs 205.49 billion have been specified for the development of Social Sector including Rs 35.50 billion for School Education, Rs 15.065 billion for Higher Education, Rs 755 million for Special Education, Rs 2.90 billion for Literacy and Non-Formal Education, Rs 6.15 billion for Sports & Youth Affairs, Rs 78.70 billion for Specialised Healthcare & Medical Education, Rs 17.212 billion for Primary & Secondary Healthcare, Rs 2.10 billion for Population Welfare, Rs 18.76 billion for Water Supply and Sanitation, Rs 1.22 billion for Social Welfare, Rs 424.129 million for Women Development and Rs 14.80 billion for Local Govt & Community Development. Whereas the provincial government has specified Rs 145.403 billion for Infrastructure Development which includes Rs 58.299 billion for Roads, Rs 30.77 billion for Irrigation, Rs 7 billion for Energy, Rs 19.277 billion for Public Buildings and Rs 30.049 billion for Urban Development.

For the Production Sectors total Rs 57.90 billion have been earmarked out of which Rs 31.497 billion have been specified for Agriculture, Rs 04 billion for Forestry, one billion rupees each for Wildlife and Fisheries, Rs 500 million for Food, Rs 05 billion for Livestock & Dairy

Development, Rs 12.20 billion for Industries Commerce & Investment, Rs 1.45 billion for Mines & Minerals and Rs 1.25 billion for the development of Tourism.