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Five booked for abducting youth

By Our Correspondent
June 13, 2021

LAHORE : At least five persons were booked for alleged abduction, humiliation and torture of a youth at Shafiqabad on Saturday.

The accused, identified as Majid, Sheharyar and Nauman, had abducted victim Rizwan over a minor issue. They took him to their place, tortured him and humiliated him by making him murgha and also filmed the scene. They also kept him in illegal detention for at least five hours. Police have arrested the suspects and registered a case. Police were investigating the matter further.

Two found dead: Two unidentified victims have been found dead under suspicious circumstances in the city.

A passerby spotted a 35-year-old man lying in an unconscious condition and informed police. A police team reached the spot and shifted the victim to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced him as brought dead. In another incident, a 75-year-old victim was found in Sabzazar. Police said that the cause of death would be ascertained after autopsy and further investigations. Police said that they were searching for their family.

MAN KILLED IN ACCIDENT: A 30-year-old man died in a road accident in Race Course on Saturday.

The victim reportedly was a passerby and trying to cross road when all of a sudden a speeding car hit him. The victim fell down and received fatal injuries. He was shifted to a nearby hospital where doctors pronounced him as brought dead. A police team removed the body to morgue for autopsy and collected forensic evidences from crime scene. Police said that they were trying to ascertain the identity of the victim.

Bodies of 58 drug addicts found in two months: As many as 58 homeless and unknown drug addicts’ bodies found in different parts of the city in the months of April and May 2021.

The reasons of their expiry include overdose and shortage of drugs, shortage of food and water and living in miserable condition. About 20 areas in which Lal Pul, Fatehgarh, Chauburji, Bhaati Gate, Data Darbar, Ek Moria Pul, Lakshami Chowk, Dharmapura, Chowk Coop Store, Garhi Shahu, Lahore Hotel, Regal Chowk, Mall Road and other are main hotspots for drug addiction.

This was revealed by Syed Zulfiqar Hussain, Consultant anti-Drugs/narcotics campaign and prevention expert, while talking to media about dissemination of monthly April and May Report on dead bodies of homeless and unknown drug addicts. The report was prepared by Drug Advisory Training Hub (DATH) and YOCFAN. Syed Mohsin, Mehak, Saad and Dr Ikram were also present on the occasion.

Syed Zulfiqar mentioned that three women drug addict dead bodies also found, homeless young people are using hard and soft drugs on footpaths, gardens and different major roads in the city of Lahore. There are over 120 pockets where people are using and injecting drugs in the city of Lahore without any fear, he added. Parents have facing alarming situation for those who lost their children due to drug addiction.

Syed Zulfiqar said that but most of areas are very high risky for addiction in which dead bodies of unknown homeless drug addicts are being found due to overdose of drugs, poor hygienic condition and not eating proper food.

He said that supply and demand reduction is always two major contents in drug demand reduction fields, government must establish a new state-of-the-art hospital for drug addicts and 15,000 drug users need urgently treatment in Lahore.