Tuesday November 30, 2021

Mian Iftikhar asks regional countries to bring lasting peace to Afghanistan

June 11, 2021

NOWSHERA: Awami National Party leader Mian Iftikhar Hussain on Thursday said that militants were regrouping and the government must implement the National Action Plan in letter and spirit.

Speaking at a press conference after a protest rally against the Janikhel incident, he said that peace in Pakistan was linked with peace in Afghanistan, therefore, the regional countries must play an active role to bring tranquillity to the region.

ANP activists Jamal Khattak, Hamid Ali Khan, Zar Ali Khan, Khushal Khan and others were also present. Mian Iftikhar asked Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and Turkey to come forward and play an active role for effecting a ceasefire in Afghanistan and save the Pakhtun region from the possible World War-III.

He advised Pakistan and Afghanistan to put a halt to the ongoing diplomatic clash and avoid issuing harsh statements against each other.

The nationalist leader said that the terrorists were still strong and had the capability to target any place at their will. “Had the government implemented the NAP after the Army Public School carnage in Peshawar, the terrorists would not have been capable to regroup for terror activities,” he believed, adding that a decisive action against the terrorists was inevitable without any discrimination across the country.

Mian Iftikhar said that terrorists did not spare his lone son Mian Rashid Hussain and martyred him to fulfil their nefarious designs. Coming down hard on the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government, he said the rulers had failed on fronts owing to its flawed economic, interior and foreign policies.

He said the incumbent government had only caused destruction and rendered millions of people jobless. “Prime Minister Imran Khan has deceived the youths of the country by showing green pastures in his speeches while sitting on the container,” he added.owing green pastures in his speeches while sitting on the container,” he added.