Tuesday September 21, 2021

Agonising public transport travel in summer

June 06, 2021

Rawalpindi : The experience of public transport in Rawalpindi is not comfortable in any season and in the summer heat, it becomes worst amidst Coronavirus Pandemic spell. To the disappointment of commuters, several bus stops across the city are without suitable shelter despite the sweltering summer heat with the maximum temperature surging these days.

People daily suffer as they spend 20 to 30 minutes, at times more than this, waiting for the public transport under the summer sun and there are not even nearby buildings so that they can stand under while they wait.

Seeing youngsters standing in the heat, the situation is most awful for senior residents and women. One feels pity seeing them. It is the right time to have more shelters as more and more people are using public transport and the summer is in full swing. City Fathers should look into this matter urgently.

Many passengers have to wait for 10-20 minutes under the simmering sun for the public transport and have to change two wagons to reach their destinations. One can imagine their misery.

Some bus stops without proper shelters are visible along the roads, as they do not have proper sitting arrangement. Everybody has been feeling the heat of rising mercury; however, things become frustrating when one has to wait for a longer period for the public transport in the scorching heat.

In some areas, at least you have something that you can identify as a bus stop, but the problem is much worse in many areas as it is hard to find a bus stop there so commuters wilt there.

They are braving the heat and do feel the need for shelters. We have noticed shelters on neither side of the road. These days it is so hot that people fall unconscious.

Many bus stops are in poor condition with no sidewalls to keep the intrusive sun out, with most of the chairs broken and litter spread inside. There is no shelter from the Defence Chowk up to the District Courts, even up to the Koral Chowk.

Several commuters, who board the wagons or Suzukis at the Pindora Chungi Bus stop, describe the predicament in their own way, “Not having a shelter is our destiny, perhaps”. Almost everyone at the bus stops without proper shelters spews out bitter words.

Government workers take the wagon from the Mangraal bus stop to Islamabad and back. Often they have to stand in the unbearable heat every day, and they have no alternative, as taxis are just unaffordable.

There is no shelter anywhere near Katarian bus stop at I J Principal Road. Commuters have to wait at the shop, which is a little distant from the stop. In addition, when the public transport arrives, they have to run towards it.