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AMAN-21 showcases: Pak efforts for regional peace, stability, says CJCSC Gen Raza

February 15, 2021

KARACHI: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), Gen Nadeem Raza, said on Sunday that Pakistan Navy's seventh edition of the multinational maritime exercise AMAN-2021 "successfully exhibits efforts made by Pakistan in line with our vision for regional peace and stability." AMAN-2021 would "promote regional cooperation [and] stability, greater interoperability, and a united resolve against terrorism and crimes in maritime domain," he said. Gen Raza, who was the chief guest at the AMAN-21’s counter terrorism drill held at the PN Qasim on Sunday, highlighted that Pakistan was "demonstrating its commitment to forge peaceful coexistence [and] shared global cooperation" through the drill.

Earlier, the Special Operation Forces and Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams of the navies participating in the multinational exercise AMAN-21 continued to refine their strategic and tactical interoperability and building relationships with regional and extra regional partners for ensuring peace and stability in the west Indian Ocean Region. The officers and sailors of the Pakistan Navy and other navies honed their anti-piracy and VBSS SOPs, para-jumps, frogman attacks and demolition skills to neutralize booby traps, IEDs and mines. The Pakistan Navy’s Special Operations Forces (SOF), the SSG(N) comprising Seals, Air Borne and Anti-Terrorist Teams through specialized skills are trained to interdict enemy forces in real war theatre. But like the special forces of other countries across the globe, the 21st Century has seen them becoming the poster boys of marine counterterrorism. The SSG(N)s are routinely deployed to counteract piracy through VBSS operations on board ships, rig platforms, coastal and underwater assets, anti-smuggling, besides others.

The Manora beach, which is also home to SSG(N) headquarters PNS Iqbal, witnessed a scintillating counter terrorism demonstration. The counter terrorism teams deployed from air and sea demonstrated a beach assault operation to neutralize a terrorists’ nest which was also holding out hostages. It started with the static line para jumps by the PN commandos from low altitude into the sea. These daredevils then formed the Beach Reconnaissance Team for the demonstration. Like the para jump, the static line jumping is laden with risks requiring the parachutist to maintain a stable body position to minimize chances of parachute malfunction. Later, the SSG(N) Air Assault Teams inserted by a Sea King helicopter grouped with the reconnaissance team, besides the SSG (N) teams and PN Marines platoons inserted by revving hovercrafts and Rugged Bull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs).

The proverbial icing of the cake was the thrilling Halo Jumps (High-Altitude-Low Opening) from an F-27 Fokker by the PN Sea Eagle Team. Carrying flags of several countries participating in Aman-21, HALO parachutists plunged from 11,000 feet and landed perfectly with excellent glide ratio and gliding speed on the coastal target. Following the landing, the leader of the PN Sea Eagle Team commander presented Pakistan’s flag to the chief guest CJCSC Gen Nadeem Raza. Another attraction of the day was the band display by six teams including those from Pakistan Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guards, Rangers, applying skills to drums, bugles, horns, fifes, trumpets and bagpipes. They performed military music and other inspirational national songs including the ever popular Jeeway Jeeway Pakistan. Performance by the Sri Lankan band was another added attraction drawing wide applause by the audience.

CJCSC Gen Nadeem Raza was the chief guest on the occasion accompanied by Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi, Commander of Coastal Area Vice Admiral Faisal Rasul Lodhi, besides senior and commanding officers of the multinational navies participating in AMAN-21 were also present on the occasion.

During Multinational Maritime Exercise AMAN 21, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi was called on by Commander Royal Jordanian Naval Force Col Hisham Khaleel Mubarak Aljarrah, Commander Djibouti Coast Guard Col Waiss Omar Bogoreh, Deputy Chief of Russian Navy HQ Rear Admiral Oleg Apishev, Flag Officer Commanding Sri Lankan Fleet Rear Admiral YMGB Jayathilake and Deputy Commander US NAVCENT Rear Admiral Curt Renshaw. In addition, Chief of the Naval Staff was also called on by Deputy Commander RSNF Eastern Fleet Rear Admiral Ahmed Bin Mohammad, Commander Brazilian Surface Fleet Rear Admiral RogerioDa Rocha, in separate meetings. Matters of defence collaborations and maritime security dynamics were discussed during the interactions.

The naval chief thanked the dignitaries for participation in Multinational Naval Exercise AMAN 21 to enhance the collaborative efforts for peace and maritime security. The naval chief also highlighted the Pakistan Navy’s initiatives for ensuring maritime security and peace in the region through Regional Maritime Security Patrol (RMSP) and regular bilateral and multilateral engagements with other countries. The dignitaries lauded and acknowledged Pakistan Navy’s efforts and commitments in support of collaborative maritime security in the region and conduct of 7th Multinational Maritime Exercise AMAN 21.