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Sh Rashid warns PDM against taking law into own hands

By News Desk
February 06, 2021

RAWALPINDI: Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said Friday that as interior minister, he will do the best not to put any obstacles in Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) way, but if they take the law into their hands, he will treat them in a way that history will remember.

He said that PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman would never talk about Rawalpindi now.

He said that if the cases against the former president Asif Zardari shift to Karachi courts, who will testify against him because when he was in jail he had created a network of thugs all over Pakistan.

He claimed that the whole Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) will be doomed if the government only allows Maryam Nawaz to fly abroad.

The minister also said that opposition taunts Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership of taking U-turns, however they themselves are habitual of taking turns.

He said that the government will not be an obstacle in the long march of the opposition alliance.

He said, “We salute Kashmiris for their continued struggle against the illegal and barbaric illegal Indian occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing Kashmir rally, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed expressed solidarity with the oppressed people of Indian Occupied Kashmir suffering from Indian brutalities for last seven decades.

The minister said that Pakistan stood with the Kashmiris in the past and will continue their support in future, adding that the hearts of Pakistanis beat with innocent Kashmiris.