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Covid frontline workers among 113 specialists graduate from AKU

By Our Correspondent
December 20, 2020

A total of 113 residents and fellows — many of whom have played a key role in treating Covid-19 patients during the pandemic — graduated at the Aga Khan University’s (AKU) 25th postgraduate medical education (PGME) ceremony on Saturday. Certificates were awarded to 92 residents and 21 fellows in areas relevant to the treatment of Covid-19, such as anaesthesiology and intensive care, emergency medicine, pulmonary medicine, paediatric infectious diseases and adult infectious diseases.

“This year’s batch of residents and fellows have been on the front line during a time of unprecedented need,” said Dr Rizwan Khan, associate dean of PGME at AKU.

“They have honed their skills and advanced their knowledge in the middle of a crisis, and now have the experience to treat a range of complex diseases and disorders.”