Tuesday November 30, 2021

‘PR redresses 99pc public complaints’

December 08, 2020

LAHORE: Pakistan Railways is one of the top performing federal departments on Citizen Portal. Ranked eighth among all federal departments and divisions, Pakistan Railways has set a record of 99 percent redress on Citizen Complaints Portal.

According to the details, 36,590 complaints regarding Pakistan Railways were

received on the Prime Minister's Citizen Portal in two years out of which 36,191 complaints were adequately redressed after which only 399 complaints are in process for which paperwork has been issued for immediate resolution.

Pakistan Railways Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nisar Ahmed Memon commended the officers for their excellent performance and said that the department would do even better next year. Citizens have expressed satisfaction in the feedback on redress of grievances. Thus, Pakistan Railways has been at the forefront in terms of performance and service delivery.

Pakistan Railways has recently issued international tenders for procurement of 230 modern high speed passenger coaches and 820 freight vehicles for the convenience of the people and to enhance its infrastructure.