Sunday December 05, 2021

One COVID-19 patient dies, 210 new infections reported in Punjab

October 26, 2020

LAHORE:One COVID19 patient died and 210 new infections were confirmed in Punjab during the last 24 hours, according to a report by the Primary and Secondary Healthcare (P&SH) Department on Sunday.

The toll of fatalities stayed at 2,335, while confirmed cases of coronavirus reached 102,677 in the province. Out of a total of 102,677 infections in Punjab, 99,897 citizens contracted the virus through local transmission. The remaining 2,780 COVID19 infections were confirmed among members of Tableeghi Jamaat, Zaireen returning from Iran and prisoners.

As per the spokesperson for the Corona Monitoring Room at the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, 11,203 tests were conducted in the last 24 hours, which raised the total number of tests to 1,525,400 in the province.

After 2,335 fatalities and recovery of a total of 97,336 patients, 3,006 active cases still remain, who are either isolated at homes or under treatment at quarantine centres and health facilities.

dengue: Two more patient has been tested positive for dengue, which raised the total cases in Punjab to 175 this year so far, according to report by the Primary and Secondary Healthcare (P&SH) Department on Sunday. Both cases were confirmed in Lahore. Eight dengue patients are under treatment in hospitals, while all other patients have recovered. No death due to dengue fever has occurred in Punjab this year so far. Lahore and Rawalpindi have been most affected districts due to confirmed dengue virus cases as well as the presence of larvae in houses and outdoor places.