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ICU Pro-VC to be sent on forced leave

October 23, 2020

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has decided to send Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Naushad Khan on forced leave, blaming the management of the Islamia College University for irregularities, unrest and mismanagement in the institution.

Further action against the current pro vice chancellor and other officers has been recommended under the E&D Act 2016. It has been decided to issue letters of condemnation and displeasure to several officials on charges of misuse of authority.

According to a letter issued by the Khyber Pakhtunkwa governor, a copy of which is available with this scribe, it was said the Islamia College University Peshawar is facing problems most of which have been created by the administration of the university itself. Moreover, the Governor Inspection Team (GIT) was assigned the task to investigate complaints and the GIT has submitted its report to the KP governor who is the chancellor of the university. The governor has approved recommendations of the GIT and the report has been sent to the Higher Education Department for implementation. The GIT has shown displeasure with the appointment of faculty members on key administrative positions and recommended filling key administrative positions on a regular basis.

The GIT report available with this correspondent revealed serious financial irregularities and non-return of advanced funds in the ICU. It is recommended that the outstanding amount should be recovered from all concerned immediately and deposited in the relevant accounts. Action should be taken against the defaulters and officials of the administration under E&D rules of the university.

The report looked into a student's complaint of losing a gold medal and found the complaint valid. The report revealed that since the gold medal case of Ms Haseena Jehangir has been decided by the university administration and the chancellor has already awarded the gold medal to her in the convocation, therefore the university administration may be directed to grant the merit certificate immediately. However, Younas Khan, the coordinator, may be proceeded against under E&D rules of the university for appropriate action by the syndicate in this case.

Dr Naushad Khan may also be proceeded under E&D rules for recommending an irrelevant external examiner, remaining silent during the convocation when the complainant was awarded gold medal by the chancellor and denying the rightful student her due. The report said that Associate Professors of Computer Science Dr Zahoor Jan and Dr Muhammad Sajjad were appointed to a single post, which is illegal. Dr Muhammad Sajjad was ineligible but the scrutiny committee made him eligible on the basis of uncountable experience; hence, his appointment against the post of associate professor was unjustified. Therefore, his case for reversion to the previous post of assistant professor in the department may be placed before the senate for consideration.

Since the scrutiny committee (with the exclusion of those members who have recorded dissenting notes/observations) as well as the quantification committee and syndicate have committed dishonesty during his eligibility to the post and concealed the facts from the highest forums, internal members of the committee shall be issued a letter of displeasure and they shall be banned for any such committee as members in the future.

The report said the appointment of Dr Bashir Ahmad, assistant professor of Economics, should be referred to the senate to re-asses his marks on the basis of such experience. If he does not fall in the merit, appropriate action may be initiated accordingly. In case of producing fake documents, disciplinary action should be initiated against all members of the scrutiny committee, quantifications committee, selection board, syndicate and probe committee.

It has been recommended that the case of Professor Dr Inayat Ali Shah may be placed before the senate for the constitution of a committee to review his publication. The committee may also check the equivalency of his PhD by the HEC/the Saga University Japan, which is still in the process. The inspection team has also identified irregularities in the university's property matters.

“No attention was paid to the management/property in the past. The composition of the board is contrary to the provision of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities Act, 2012,” the report said. Therefore it has been recommended that the BOM be dissolved forthwith and all the affairs regarding management of the properties of the ICU shall be dealt with through the syndicate, being the executive body subject to approval by the senate. The VCs/registrars since the establishment of the BOM be issued displeasure for their negligence/unlawful actions taken till date.

The report revealed that the rent/lease rates are not according to the present market rates, which needs revision after proper assessment of all the land and property. It has been further recommended that those employees who were appointed through proper advertisement and are working since 2017 must be placed before the syndicate. The members of the selection committee who were involved in the process of selection and acted as members of the selection committee shall be issued condemnation/displeasure for not fulfilling their moral as well as statutory obligations.

It’s further stated that the university make the rules for hiring of retired/deceased employees’ sons and disable quota in each category. The GIT said several deans are not cooperating with the administration and should be issued displeasure letters .The so-called Deans Committee has no legitimacy under the university act. It may be discontinued immediately.

The Governor Inspection Team has shown displeasure on non-verification of degrees of the employees. The university administration may be directed to complete its record of PhD, M.Phil/MS degree holders, duly verified by the HEC or equivalency certificates issued in cases of foreign degrees by the HEC and submit a consolidated report to the office of chancellor in reasonable time. In case those who fail to produce the above-required documents as evidence confirming the validation of their respective degrees, the university administration may process their case for appropriate action. Allowance must not be given till the verification of degrees.

The appointment case of six FDP scholars (Faculty Development Programme) against the posts of assistant professors in various departments should be placed before the syndicate for re-examination as per rules/HEC guidelines. In case of violation, action should be taken.

According to the GIT report, the plagiarism case of Dr Nisar Mohammad is an old issue. It seems conspiracies exist amongst faculty members/university administration to defame each other, which needs to be curbed. Since no such illegality has been noticed, the chapter needs to be closed. However, it is suggested that it will be only appropriate that the HEC decides the case.