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Azerbaijan thanks Pakistan over Karabakh support

October 09, 2020

Islamabad : Azerbaijan ambassador Ali Alizada has thanked Pakistan and Turkey for extending unequivocal support for Azerbaijan on the Upper Karabakh conflict.

Addressing a presser here on Thursday, the envoy condemned the Armenian military’s aggression and attacks against Azerbaijan and said instead of accepting resolution of the UN Security Council and other international organizations seeking the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of its troops from the occupied Azerbaijani territories, Armenia was trying to consolidate the status quo regime based on occupation.

“The provocations carried out by the Armenian leadership, both in word and in deed and attempts to change the dialogue format have dealt a blow to the conflicts settlement process mediated by the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs,” he said.

The ambassador said counter-offensive operations of Azerbaijan against Armenian attacks were carried out within internationally recognised territories of Azerbaijan and in compliance with Article 51 of the UN Charter (right of self-defence).

“The responsibility for the escalation of the situation on the front line lies directly with the Armenian military-political leadership,” he said.

The envoy said Azerbaijan had no military targets in Armenia and its counter-offensive operation was meant to liberate its lands and force Armenia to make peace,” he said.

He said his country urged the world community to take a principled stand and condemn the next Armenia’s aggressive actions.

“South Caucasus will never have peace and security until Armenia liberates the occupied lands,” he said.

Col Mehman Novruzov, military attache at Azerbaijan embassy, who was also present on the occasion, said Armenia was spreading fake information and groundless accusations against Azerbaijan in a bid to involve third parties in the conflict.