Monday December 06, 2021

Ishrat Afreen’s poems resonate in the bones

September 29, 2020

Zindgi der se hum par teray asrar khulay

Itni saada bhi na thi jitna samhjtay rahay hum

Ishrat Afreen’s poetry explores her feelings about many different aspects of women’s life. Hers is an innovative and bold modern voice. There are impressive poetic illustrations used throughout her poetry, which are lovely. The reader relates to them on a very deep level.

Each poem is written from the heart and truly inspiring. Her poetry is full of gorgeous cultural symbols:

Kapaas chuntay huay haath kitnay payaray lagay

Mujay zameen se mohabbat kay istaaray lagay

Ishrat Afreen’s verses are more than words. They reflect on the pain that darkens women’s path through life and stir the blood and resonate in the bones:

Main apnay azaab likh rahee houn

Zakhmoun ka hasaab likh rahee houn

Phooloun ki zaban ki shaaera thi

Kaantoun se gulaab likh rahee houn

Her poetry is a nerve-racking collection of feminist thought that never forgets making heartbreaking points and depicting the societal stupidity that feminists fight against, remembering to scream in verse, never allowing itself to shriek too hard, turn tone-deaf:

Apni aag ko zinda rakhna kitna mushkil hai

Pathar beech aaeena rakhna kitna mushkil hai

She continues unveiling the cruel reality about marginalized women and talks of a society that continues to allow dehumanization and brutalization of women.