Tuesday November 30, 2021

Man dies in police custody

July 24, 2020

LAHORE : Another case of death in custody has been reported in the provincial metropolis.

The latest incident has been reported in Manwan. Victim Mushtaq was in police custody in murder attempt case. The suspect was allegedly subjected to severe form of torture that caused his death. However, police took the plea that the suspect died of heart attack. The inspector general of police has ordered the capital city police officer Lahore to submit a report to him in this regard besides taking legal and departmental action against the accused cops. The DIG Investigation also took notice of the incident and asked the CIA SP to submit an inquiry report to him.

shot at, injureD: A man shot at and injured his brother at Sundar on Thursday. Two brothers, identified as Ali Haider and Nauroz, had an exchange of harsh words over a domestic issue. It infuriated Ali who opened firing. As the result, Nauroz suffered bullet injuries. Nearby people called police. Dolphin Squad officials reached the crime scene arrested the accused. The injured victim was removed to hospital.

ELECTROCUTED: A lineman named Munir Ahmed died of electric shocks while working on an electricity pole on Ravi Road. A rescue team shifted him to Wapda Hospital where he died.