Sunday November 28, 2021

Punjab Zone PSMA executive body removed through EOGM

July 14, 2020

LAHORE: Veteran Group of the sugar mills industry of Punjab Monday removed the sitting executive committee including chairman of Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) Punjab-Zone through an extraordinary general meeting (EOGM).

The EOGM elected veteran leader and former chairman of the PSMA Ch Zaka Ashraf again as the chairman of the association unopposed by removing Nauman Khan, who was known as proxy of Jahangir Khan Tareen in the association and members were annoyed with the handling of the sugar crisis.

According to announcement made by the PSMA officials, Ch Zaka Ashraf was elected as the new chairman of the PSMA-Punjab, and Mian Faisal and Ch Waheed as executive committee members.

Now the new elected body will serve for more than 14 months and complete its term in September 2021. Further, the annual general meeting of the PSMA will be held on September 30, 2020.

Sources in the association said no one challenged electing Ch Zaka Ashraf and executive committee members as the sitting body resigns after seeing an open defeat. They said the resigning committee was even unable to get proposers and seconders for their candidates as the members are annoyed with them and were not ready to pose trust in them anymore. So smelling the worst situation, the sitting executive committee resigned and vowed to support the new elected body.

The industry officials said transition of change of command was done smoothly as the sitting group didn’t show any resistance since the majority of members showed their support to the veteran leaders of PSMA. The veteran leaders in a press conference a couple of days ago showed their strength of over 30 members with them to the sitting Jahangir Khan Tareen group. The message was clear and loud but the sitting group still attempted to engage annoyed members but failed due to the performance on account of mainly improper handling of the sugar crisis issue in the country.

The newly-elected chairman Ch Zaka Ashraf and executive committee members vowed to cooperate with the government and hoped that the government authorities will also change its attitude towards the one of major economic activities generating industry of the country. They hoped that the cordial working relations between the government, industry and other stakeholders will help in removing the misconception created which resulted in victimisation of sugar industry.

Ch Zaka Ashraf assured that he will do the best to resolve the industry issues and create a good working environment between the government and industry. Likewise in the past, the PSMA officer-bearers will play the role of bridge between the government and the industry, he asserted.