Sunday October 24, 2021

Families lose homes as building collapses in Liaquatabad

July 09, 2020

No loss of life was reported in yet another multi-storey residential building collapse in Liaquatabad No 5 near Sindhi Hotel in the wee hours of Wednesday. Rescuers from different welfare associations reached the scene and participated in rescue operation while law enforcers cordoned off the area.

Families of five brothers were residing in the collapsed four-storey building. The building was vacated on Tuesday after it was declared hazardous by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). According to police, no casualties were reported in the incident as the building was evacuated a day earlier due to its poor condition. The rescuers said two buildings, adjacent to the collapsed building, were also damaged.

The women residents of the building kept crying seeing the remains of their homes. The affected families demanded to take strict action against the builder. One of the residents said that their lifelong investment had gone down the drain and they had been deprived of shelter. The residents had no option but to seek shelter in their neighbourhood.

The building, according to the residents, was eight-year-old. One of the residents shared thar the SBC assured them that they would first give support to the residential structure after which they would get their household stuff out. However, no machinery reached and the building eventually collapsed on its own. According to SBCA spokesman Faran Qaiser, the building control authority had already vacated it a day earlier.