Saturday November 27, 2021

Lockdown provides fun to underage bike drivers

June 05, 2020

Pindiites are expressing deep concern over the alarmingly increasing underage bike driving on the city streets, leading to countless accidents every day. Streets all across the city are not safe enough to walk on. Empty streets during Coronovirus Pandemic lockdown have been a fun place for underage bike drivers. Despite efforts, the traffic police have not been able to prevent the menace of underage driving.

Abbas Tabish says: “One day I saw a minor driving towards Butt Market. His mother was seated on the bike behind him. I asked the minor’s Mom why you allow your kid to drive. She simply replied: “I never permit him to drive alone. That’s why I am accompanying him.”

“Such is the state of affairs. The traffic police still believe that only if the parents stop giving vehicles to children before they turn 18 can the menace of underage driving be curbed. But the police do not know that children take away the bikes of their fathers without letting them know,” adds Abbas Tabish.

Ayyaz Hussain says: “Rawalpindi police once launched a drive to seize vehicles used by minors, book the parents of children found driving and write challans in the name of their parents. However, this did not seem to be working either as minors continued to drive undeterred, especially in places like Fazal Town Phase-1&2, Shah Khalid Colony, Faisal Town, Mangraal Town, Railway Colony Scheme No. 9, Gulzar-e-Quaid etc.”

“The law clearly does not permit driving by minors in any case. The issue is that children are driven by instinct and tend to drive fast or get into spur-of-the-moment racing with each other. In some cases, they are just too young to understand road conditions and their presence on the wheel endangers the lives of others,” says Iftikhar Zaidi.

“I appeal to the concerned authorities to look into the issue and do the needful. Laws need to be enforced rather than advised,” says Hasrat Hasan.

“I started driving when I was in class 8. I was a rash driver risking everyone’s life, had many accidents as well. Now I look back and conclude that one should not drive before maturity. It’s a major risk. I was lucky enough to be saved from many incidents. Thanks to the Almighty for protecting me,” says Manzar Naqvi.

Sajjad Akbar says: “Bikers think of themselves as walkers, they travel wrong way more often and feel free to ride on the side walk or anything large enough to put two wheels on. They even jump through the dividers to take an easy U-turn. After all these signal free corridors, people have literally gone wild and shun travelling even 2 meters further to take a proper U-turn.”