Saturday November 27, 2021

Two women raped

June 05, 2020

Islamabad : Two young women were reportedly raped under duress in two different incidents in G-9/3 and Loi Bher, the police spokesman said.

The police have registered the cases under sections 376 PPC and arrested the alleged rapists.

One of the victims, lodged a complaint with the Karachi Company Police saying that she was a student from Azad Kashmir and living in a hostel at Kotli (AJK). She said that a person developed relations with her on social media and invited her to meet him in Islamabad.

“As I reached Islamabad, he took me to his house in G-9/3 and we had dinner at his residence,” she said in her complaint. During the dinner, he put some intoxicating drugs in her soft drink and she fell unconscious. “In the next morning, when I restored to my senses, I had been molested,” she maintained adding that the accused took her compromising pictures and started blackmailing her that he would put these pictures on social media if she would tell anybody about the incident. She said that he confined her in a room and kept on molesting her.

In another similar incident, a businesswoman was raped by her business partner at her residence in the jurisdiction of Loi Bher Police Station.

The victim lodged a complaint with the Loi Bher Police Station saying that her business partner, visited her home to discuss some business issues, adding that during the discussion about financial matters, he went mad with rage after developing differences over some issue on which she asked him to leave her house. “He dragged me into a room, picked a knife placed on the table put it on my throat, and raped me,” the victim said adding the accused got her nude pictures and threatened that he would put these pictures on social media if she informed the police about the incident. The police have taken up the cases under section 378 PPC and started the investigation.