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Chairman reviews overall performance of NAB

May 05, 2020

Islamabad : A meeting of National Accountably Bureau (NAB) was held at its headquarters to review overall performance of NAB HQ and its regional bureaus, Prosecution, Operations, Prevention, Training and Research, Prevention and Awareness Divisions.

NAB Chairman Justice (r) Javed Iqbal while chairing the meeting said that corruption is a curse, which is major hurdle in the progress and prosperity of the country. NAB is absolutely committed to eradicate corruption with iron hands without any discrimination. NAB has recovered Rs328 billion directly or indirectly from corrupt elements and deposited in the national exchequer. NAB officials did not receive a single penny from the recovered amount as they believe eradication of corruption as its national duty.

He directed all director generals to take the corruption cases to logical conclusion in a transparent way and on merit as per law. The meeting reviewed in detail the performance of regional bureaus and other departments of the anti-graft watchdog with the aim to further improve the performance by making the departments more effective.

NAB chairman said that NAB has not only devised an effective national anti-corruption strategy comprising of Awareness, Prevention and Enforcement.

The meeting also reviewed professional matters of bureau, complaint verification, verification of cases, inquiry and investigation methods and modern techniques in line with best lessons.

NAB chairman directed all investigation officers to ensure conducting of corruption cases on merit and on solid evidence. The concept of

Combined investigation was introduced for minimising the chances of any influence on investigations. In the combined investigations teams two investigation officers, one legal consultant and one financial expert work as a team to ensure transparency and impartiality. As a result of achieving the conviction ratio of NAB is 70 per cent. NAB has launched an awareness campaign to award people about the ill effects of corruption. NAB in collaboration with Higher Education Commission has established 55,000 character building societies in county’s universities and colleges.

Grading system has been introduced to gauge the performance of regional bureaus. Punishment and reward system has also been introduced for improving performance. He appreciated the performance of regional bureaus and directed them to double their efforts for eradication of corruption and recover the looted amount as NAB has committed to purge the country from corruption.