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UN blames Mali, Niger troops for scores of killings

May 01, 2020

BAMAKO: The UN mission in Mali on Thursday blamed Malian and Niger troops for scores of extra-judicial killings between January and March.

According to a quarterly MINUSMA report, Malian forces carried out 101 executions and Niger forces 34 more between January 1 and March 31 in the country.

The report from MINUSMA’s human rights division found evidence for "32 abductions" as well as "32 cases of torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment" and "115 arbitrary arrests" which it put down to Malian security forces.

"These figures have been documented. The names, the circumstances have been documented," said MINUSMA human rights division head Guillaume Ngefa.

He added the Malian authorities were investigating.

MINUSMA said most of the violations it highlighted occurred in central areas suffering Jihadist and tribal violence since 2015.

The interior ministry did not immediately comment on the report’s findings.

The report also found a "multiplication of armed attacks between members of the Fulani and Dogon communities" which it said had led to 180 deaths since the New Year.

MINUSMA said jihadist groups had carried out dozens of killings and 46 abductions and at least 18 cases of torture over the same period.

Ngefa questioned if those responsible would ever be brought to justice and said the fight against the coronavirus must not distract from the need to clamp down on human rights abuses.